Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hello there!

We are living in the best times of all in Kenya.

The government is scaling up investment in infrastructure (urban and rural road networks, sewerage and water systems, rural electrification etc.). If you look around, you will see that things are changing very fast with construction everywhere. The government is also opening up through the e-Government initiative, and better still, Kenyans are unveiling a new governance structure in the form of the County Governments under the new constitution that will distribute resources and opportunities throughout the country. Real estate investment opportunities are being created everywhere, in Nairobi, and in the counties. Today, you have to get up and be counted. Participate in this movement that seeks to build Kenya and build yourself.

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Choosing a Property Consultant

A number of clients have approached me with statements like this: “My loan has been approved, all that is pending is your valuation report!” “My financier needs just a simple feasibility report. All project documents (drawings, bills of quantities, environmental approval) are ready.” The question I pose to them is: why would your banker not process the funds despite all other documents being ready? Or why would your project manager not implement your project without the feasibility study report? Well, I guess the answer is: they want to do their job well. They want to minimize their risk with their job and so you should also minimize the risk with your money or cash flow. Always seek adequate professional advise. From my experience dealing with several projects, I have gathered the following qualities that are expected of a real estate consultant.

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Purchasing a Property

Real estate is perhaps the largest single investment you will ever make, either as an individual or as a corporate. Real estate is capital intensive with very high entry level as you will be required to pay the full price to acquire the property. You therefore cannot afford a mistake. I have gathered below ten points to consider when purchasing real estate to avoid the common pitfalls which can be very costly to you. For sure, these will help you if you are considering investing in real estate.

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