Property Shows: six reasons you should always attend

Property showsMany believe property shows – popularly known as property expos are for agents and developers to sell their products. For me, I say property shows are for you. You stand to benefit more than the agent. Here are six reasons you should make it a habit to attend property shows.

1. Property shows will arouse desire in you to own real estate

This fire will build to the point of breaking your procrastination. The atmosphere in property shows is usually electrifying. The graphics, displays, interactions etc. usually leave a lasting memory. It is like watching a nice movie like the transporter. The good feeling hangs on. The images keep flushing in your mind and you want to watch it over again. It is this strong desire or feeling that will help motivate you to buy a property.

2. Property shows will help you learn products, building technologies etc.

Property shows give you a perfect opportunity to learn about buildings. You learn advances in building technology and the current trends or lifestyles. Your questions are freely answered. You will need this knowledge when seriously window shopping for a property.

3. You will learn price mechanisms for property

Valuers assess property values by comparing them with other similar properties sold. Property shows provide you an opportunity to build your own database on property prices. With data you will be wiser when negotiating for a property to buy.

4. You will be able to obtain important contacts of Estate Agents

By attending property shows you will be able to interact with many estate agents. Please take their contact. They are your link to the property you need. Experienced agent share information freely and don’t take offence if you don’t buy or take long to make a decision.

5. You will familiarize with the lies many amateur agents and developers give

The mistake amateur agents make is to assume that their customers are ignorant. They tell common lies like 80% sold, or only few remaining, or prices will increase next month. An armature agent was trying to convince my colleague. “You know, this property is letting for 90,000/- per month. But you can even get 150,000/-“. Yes, you will learn how to see these lies in the eyes of these trickster agents.

6. You will learn where to get the money to buy the house

Most properties are bought through mortgage. You will meet bankers and other financial institutions here. What a rear opportunity to compare financial products they offer?


I did not include: you will find a property to buy. I am of the opinion that property shows are not necessarily the right places to buy property. However, you can book an agent.

Stephen Omengo
Registered Valuer, Registered Estate Agent & Registered EIA Expert
Firm: Tysons Limited, Nairobi-Kenya
Personal email:

  1. Great tips. there is usually a lot to learn

  2. nice tips foe clients to follow an thats a goo blog

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