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Prospecting: The Path to Successful Real Estate Agency and Consultancy

prospectingAs a real estate agent, you will either be prospecting or working. Prospecting is simply looking for work to do. Working includes consulting, letting, selling and managing real estate. If you do not go out there to look for work, you will not have any work to do. If you do have, then someone else has brought it to you.

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Return on investment ROI: Measure of Profitability and Risk in Real Estate Investment

Commercial PropertiesReturn on investment is a measure of profitability of the investment. Return on investment is also a measure of the risk in the investment. Real estate is a low risk investment with modest return on investment. Higher returns are associated with riskier investments as investors tend to demand higher returns for assuming higher risk. Investment risks include risk of total or partial loss of the capital or income. Investors therefore prefer shorter periods of risk and seek higher returns. The higher the return on investment therefore, the higher the risk assumed. Read more »